Our Method

SAWA Kenya follows a 3-step model to achieve our goals in the most efficient, organized, and impactful way possible.


Identify & Counsel

At-risk girls are identified by community members, students, parents and teachers. A member of the SAWA Kenya team visits each girl and speaks with her about the reasons she dropped out of school and what her hopes are for the future. SAWA team members counsel each girl individually and together decide which education option is best. Many of the girls that SAWA works with are already mothers and are over what is typically thought of as 'school-aged years.' Some of these girls prefer to go to 3-year polytechnical schools to gain skills that will equip them to enter the Kenyan workforce. SAWA empowers each girl to make her own decision about what is best for her and her family.


After speaking with each girl to determine the best academic path, the SAWA Kenya team works with our community and school contacts to determine the total cost of the school fees, uniform, school supplies and any additional items necessary for their return to school. With the help of our international community of sponsors, we then provide the scholarship necessary to get our girls back in school.

In this early stage, we have discovered that our donor-model runs smoother when we pool all donations and then allocate those donations to specific girls as necessitated by school start dates and other such restrictive factors. However, if a donor would like to request to sponsor a specific student from our group of girls awaiting sponsorship, contact us and let us know!



Monitor Progress

SAWA team members will monitor all of our students’ progress through teachers at each school. We will receive monthly updates on how each student is doing and share those updates with our donor community. Together we will celebrate students' accomplishments and milestones.

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