Sabina Aduma

Sabina is 16 years old, the second born of 3 children. Sabina lives at home with her single mother, her siblings and her daughter. She dropped out of primary school in class 3 in 2016 due to lack of school fees. Sabina became pregnant after dropping out, while taking care of her mother at home. She is now raising a beautiful baby girl. Sabina is incredible, with a kind and gentle personality. Before receiving sponsorship, Sabina worked hard to avoid marriage out of dedication to her studies, despite many men coming to her home.

Sabina scored a 364 on her most recent Kenya national exam and is excelling in her studies, while still taking care of her baby girl at home and helping her mother.

Started Program: September 2018
Start Grade: Class 4 (4th grade)
School: Ngarendare Primary School