Meet Our Team


Meg Crampton, Founder & CEO

Meg, as a medical student, has always been passionate about caring for at-risk girls domestically and abroad. Previously, Meg worked in social work advocating for homeless pregnant and parenting teenage mothers and their children. While in medical school, Meg traveled to Kenya to research the driving factors behind the shockingly high dropout rates among female students in the communities of Laikipia County, Kenya. Meg discovered the massive need for counseling and funding for the girls’ educational aspirations. With many community contacts and an ever-growing list of girls unable to continue their education, Meg returned home and set out to begin SAWA Kenya.


Josephine Ndirias, Country Director & Field Partner

As a Maasai woman and the founder of the Mukogodo Girls Empowerment Program (MGEP), Josephine is a powerful advocate for women’s rights in the Maasai community. MGEP is a trusted and key field partner in our efforts to work within the community and provide counseling and support for our girls. Josephine also acts as our Country Director, providing invaluable insight as well as helping our coordination efforts and acting as our liaison amongst the community.

Sarah Frear, President and Director of Finance & Operations

With 3 years experience at a large multi-national bank, Sarah decided to make the switch to a technology startup in Nairobi in summer 2018. While in Kenya for interviews, she spent two weeks joining Meg on her trips out to the communities surrounding Nanyuki where Meg was conducting her research. As Meg returned to the U.S. and decided to found SAWA Kenya, Sarah was more than happy to join the team and continue the work she witnessed that summer. Based in Nairobi, Sarah serves as SAWA Kenya's President and Director of Finance & Operations, steering longer term goals as well as overseeing the day-to-day operations from the ground in Kenya.


Robert Mahiuha, Head of Transportation & Logistics

Robert joined SAWA Kenya back when it was only a research project, starting out as a driver and occasional translator. Over the course of his time with us, Robert has taken on more and more responsibility— developing his own relationships with our girls and community contacts and often coordinating supply runs, pick up and drop offs of girls in need of transportation, and even helping us to navigate our way through the community and identify suppliers and vendors. With 3 children of his own, Robert is an amazing resource when it comes to back to school shopping and is amazing at putting even the most shy of our girls at ease!



Organizations We Partner With:


Mukogodu Girls Empowerment Program