Jackline Rumpe

Class 8, Ngarendare Primary School

Jackline is 21 years old, living with her aunt and uncle. Jackline’s father passed away in 2014 and ever since her family has been suffering from extreme poverty. Jackline dropped out of class 7 in 2014 due to lack of school fees. Jackline became pregnant after dropping out and now has two beautiful boys, ages 1 and 4. Jackline attempted to return to school after dropping out, but the head teacher was afraid it would set a bad example for the other girls. Since then, she has been working for her aunt and uncle harvesting beans and caring for her boys. Jackline is as sweet as they come! She is very gentle and caring. She wants to become a teacher and teach in the community she has grown up in to empower young girls to get their education.

Jackline has her eyes on the future and is working hard to finish her primary school with good marks so she can go on to secondary school. Jackline scored a 237 on her most recent Kenya National Exam since being back in school!