Fundraising Needs & Cost Breakdown

Our costs include scholarships, educational initiatives, and admin & overhead expenses. See below for a breakdown of how we spend our money.


Approximate Scholarship Cost Breakdown

  • Annual School Fees: $400 USD

  • Uniform: $50 USD

  • School Supplies: $40

  • Boarding Supplies: $60USD

  • Menstrual Hygiene Kit: $7 USD

Total Annual Cost: ~$560 per girl

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Community Workshops

After we have reserved enough money for each of girls’ scholarships for the year, we will allocate additional funds to establishing our first educational initiatives in the communities.

We plan to set up various workshops with students (boys & girls), teachers, and parents to discuss important topics such as sexual health, family planning, and gender roles.

We hope to use these workshops to address some of the underlying hardships in the communities by discussing the different methods of family planning, destigmatizing phenomena such as menstruation, and even tackling some of the more sensitive topics of gender violence, child marriage and female genital mutilation.

Approximate Cost Breakdown:

  • Speakers Compensation: $200 USD

  • Provided Lunch: $70

  • Transportation: $180

Total Cost for 1 Full-Day Workshop = $450


Admin & Overhead Breakdown

The management team does not take salaries, and currently our Kenyan staff costs are limited to occasional daily rates, ranging from $5 to $30.

Transportation is our biggest cost, with the cost of renting & fueling a car to get to and from the communities we operate in ranging from $100 to $180 per day.

Over the next year, we would like to begin expanding our Kenyan staff and implementing staff development activities. Assuming we have met our minimum funding goal to cover the girls scholarships and the community workshops, we would aim to budget 5% of our earnings towards this area.

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