Our Mission:

SAWA Kenya identifies at-risk girls that have dropped out of school and empowers them, their families, and their communities through education.

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For every additional year of primary school, a girl’s wages increase 10-20%


Less than 50% of girls in the Kenyan Maasai community are enrolled in school…


… and only 10% reach secondary school level


Education allows a woman to take control of her future. Let’s empower our girls. Sponsor the future.

Education is the only way for a girl child to break out of the cycle of poverty in this community, so that she is not married off at an early age, so that she does not become pregnant.

About Us

SAWA Kenya supports at-risk young women through education, so they feel empowered and equipped to enter the Kenyan workforce.

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We currently have 25 girls back in school. Learn more about the girls SAWA Kenya has sent back to school!


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